Backwater Farms: Front Row Living

I was inspired by a wonderful development in North Georgia, Serenbe which developed agricultural elements into their community. I added a community garden as an amenity where neighbors stroll in the garden and in the future plan to have garden to table dinners.
— David

Fondren Green: In Medias Res 

I had been a student of the design movement for a decade at that time and loved the aspects of walkability, sidewalks, common spaces for gathering, alley loaded garages to de-emphasize the automobile, and urban housing mixes like courtyard homes and townhouses.
— David

Lost Rabbit: Paradise Found

The beauty of the property and lake, classical architectural styles, and it’s adherence to new urbanism make Lost Rabbit one of the most memorable neighborhoods in Madison. We are looking forward to continue to be a part of building out this wonderful neighborhood.
— David

An Old Soul, A New Heartbeat

Screen Shot 2016-09-21 at 12.01.09 AM.png